11 Apr 2018

Project Servator officially launches at Tower of London

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has hosted the official launch of Project Servator, a brand new criminal deterrent, at the Tower of London.

Also in attendance was the Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) Whitehall Project Servator team, who later joined officers from MPS and the British Transport Police (BTP) as they patrolled Parliament Square.

Project Servator is a policing tactic designed deter, detect and disrupt all forms of criminal activity – terrorism included. It requires a highly proficient and conspicuous police presence with further support from canines, firearms officers, marine units, vehicle checkpoints, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and CCTV where needed.

MDP has had a fully trained Project Servator team operating out of Whitehall since February 2018. In the months since, the team has worked alongside contemporaries from MPS and BTP to better safeguard the Whitehall region.

According to MDP Deputy Chief Constable Peter Terry: “The Ministry of Defence Police is delighted to be working together with our colleagues in the Metropolitan Police Service, British Transport Police and the City of London Police on the implementation of Project Servator in London. Our joint Servator deployments in and around Whitehall add an extra dimension to the existing security arrangements that are already in place and provide a highly visible and reassuring police presence for the public.

The positive feedback we have received from our customers and the public testifies to the positive impact of Project Servator in providing reassurance and encouraging community engagement.

In addition, MDP also has Project Servator teams operating at the Atomic Weapons Establishment sites in Berkshire and around Portsmouth Naval Base. The organisation is also preparing to launch Project Servator along the banks of the River Clyde in collaboration with Police Scotland.

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