Project Labor Agreement For Aircraft Apron and Airfield Improvements

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States

Project Labor Agreement For Aircraft Apron and Airfield Improvements

Department of the Army

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803 Front Street Norfolk VA 23510-1096

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Contract Description:
Solicit comments on Potential Use of Project Labor Agreements for the Aircraft Apron and Airfield Improvements located at Ft Eustis, Virginia.
Source Sought for PLAs Regarding Solicitation: W91236-17-R-0001

Description: The Norfolk District Corps of Engineers is soliciting comments from the construction community addressing the potential use of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) for the Aircraft Apron and Airfield Improvements located at Ft. Eustis, Virginia. The project will relocate existing training facilities, construct all site infrastructure, entry control point, airfield pavements, Central Electrical Plants, ancillary supporting facilities and improve access road. Project will relocate existing training facilities and construction of new standard design urban assault course and covered bleacher in alternate location. Airfield pavements include taxiways, approximately 450 feet long taxiway bridge, taxiway lighting with controls, aircraft parking apron, and access apron. The new taxiway bridge will connect the project site to the existing operational runway. The supporting facilities include an entry control facility, aircraft ground support equipment storage, vehicle storage and covered parking, supporting facility Central Electrical Plant buildings and Fire Pump house and water storage tanks. Entry control facility includes entry control guard station. Access road improvement will ensure tractor trailer access to the project site following construction. Sustainability & energy measures and building information systems are included. Supporting facilities include electric service; water, sewer, and gas; paving, walks, curbs, and gutters; storm drainage; site improvements; information systems; anti-terrorism measures and perimeter security fence; and emergency generators. The project site is remote, requiring long utility runs, surrounded by wetlands and has a stormwater management requirements, which contribute to unusually high supporting facilities cost. The end result will provide unit with a new 354,000SF aviation complex facility on approximately 45 acres currently used for aircraft sling load training.

Range of Magnitude: $50,000,000 – $100,000,000.

Period of Performance is approximately 22 months after Notice to Proceed.

Some of the factors that may be considered regarding PLA use are:
a. The involvement of multiple contractors and/or subcontractors working in multiple crafts or trades.
b. The complexity of the project
c. Shortage of skilled labor in the region
d. Completion of the project will require an extended period of time.
e. The use of PLA’s on other comparable projects in this geographic area.
f. The promotion of the Government’s long term program interest such as training of skilled workforce for future projects.
g. The possibility of labor disputes that threaten timely completion.
h. Additional costs form use of PLAs may be cost prohibitive.

A PLA is defined as a pre-hire collective bargaining agreement with one or more labor organizations that establishes the terms and conditions of employment for a specific construction project and is an agreement described in 29 U.S.C. 158(f).
Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Policy:

a. Project Labor Agreement (PLA) is a tool that agencies may use to promote economy and efficiency in Federal procurement. Pursuant to Executive Order 13502, agencies are encouraged to consider requiring the use of project labor agreements in connection with large-scale construction projects.

b. An agency may, if appropriate, require that every contractor and subcontractor engaged in construction on the project agree, for that project, to negotiate or become a party to a project labor agreement with one or more labor organization if the agency decides that the use of project labor agreements will:

1. Advance the Federal Government’s interest in achieving economy and efficiency in Federal procurement, producing labor-management stability, and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations governing safety and health, equal employment opportunity, labor and employment standards, and other matters; and

2. Be consistent with law.

Reference: Provision 52.222-33 Notice of Requirement for Project Labor Agreement, Clause 52.222-34 Project Labor Agreement

In consideration of the above factors, and any others which may be deemed appropriate, the construction community is invited to comment on the use of PLAs. Of particular interest to the Government are responses to the following questions:

1. Do you have knowledge that a PLA has been used in the local area on projects of this kind? If so, please provide supporting documentation.

2. Are you aware of skilled labor shortages in the area for those crafts that will be needed to complete the referenced project? Are there large scale construction projects in the area (over $25M, within 50 miles of Ft Eustis, Newport News, VA) which could impact availability of skilled labor for this project? What is the anticipated volatility in the labor market for the trades required for the execution of the project? Please provide supporting documentation.

3. Are you aware of time sensitive issues/scheduling requirements that would impact the rate at which the referenced project should be completed? If so, please elaborate and provide supporting documentation where possible.

4. Is the proposed schedule/completion time one which would benefit for a PLA – if so, how? Will a PLA impact the completion time? Would a PLA benefit a project which contains a unique and compelling mission-critical schedule?

5. Are there any concerns regarding labor-management stability related to this project? Will the use of a PLA produce labor-management stability on this project? Have labor disputes or other labor issues contributed to project delays in the local area? Are you aware of examples of labor-management conflicts in the area which could impact the efficiency of this project, which a PLA could positively impact/resolve?

6. Identify specific reasons why or how you believe a PLA would advance the Federal Governments interest in achieving economy and efficiency in federal procurement.

7. Identify specific reasons why you do not believe a PLA would advance the Federal Governments interest in achieving economy and efficiency in federal procurement.

8. Please identify any additional information you believe should be considered on the use of a PLA on the referenced project.

9. Please identify any additional information you believe should be considered on the non-use of a PLA on the referenced project.

Please provide your comments via e-mail to Marc Nguyen at with copy furnished to Ms. Paula Beck at no later than June 30, 2017.

This is NOT a Request for Proposal and does not constitute any commitment by the Government. Responses to this labor market survey will be used by the Government to make appropriate acquisition decisions. All interested sources must respond to future solicitation announcements separately from responses to this market survey.

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