06 Apr 2018

Poland agree deal with US to buy IBCS

Poland has agreed to a deal with the US Government to buy the Northrup Grumman-developed Integrated Air and Missile Defence (IAMD) Battle Command System (IBCS).

The government of Poland signed a Letter of Offer and Acceptance, which allows the US government to start contracting with Northrop Grumman for production and delivery of IBCS that enables Poland’s modernised air defence capabilities.

Poland becomes the first international partner country to purchase the IBCS, transforming its IAMD capabilities in a manner consistent with how the US Army is revolutionising IAMD. Poland will also ensure seamless integration of its air defence forces in allied operations.

IBCS replaces stove-piped legacy C2 systems to deliver a single integrated air picture and offer the flexibility to deploy smaller force packages. By integrating sensors and interceptors, IBCS provides wider area surveillance and broader protection areas.

Key to IAMD transformation and the Army IAMD portfolio is that the IBCS is managed by the US Army IAMD Project Office, Program Executive Office for Missiles and Space, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.

Dan Verwiel, Vice President and General Manager, Missile Defense and Protective Systems, Northrop Grumman, said: “We congratulate Poland on its recent anniversary of accession to NATO.

“With IBCS, Poland sets a new standard for NATO for the most cutting edge IAMD capabilities possible.”

image © Northrup Grumman

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