09 May 2017

Pearson awarded US Army contract for Counter-IED rollers

Newcastle upon Tyne based Pearson Engineering has been awarded a near $8 million contract for its Counter-IED (improvised explosive device) rollers by the US Army Contracting Command.

The Counter-IED roller systems are being acquired as part of a US Foreign Military Sales contract for Afghanistan.

The contract will see Pearson Engineering providing a large number of rollers in a similar configuration as previously supplied for US Army use in Iraq and Afghanistan during recent campaigns. Named SPARK OIF(R), it is part of the SPARK roller family fielded during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom and was specifically designed for the terrain and threat.

The system is designed to protect MRAP vehicles from the effects of Victim Operated IEDs over the track width of the vehicle and will support the mobility of the US Army HMMVW (‘Humvee’) fleet in Afghanistan.

Pearson Engineering’s in-house manufacturing capability will be supported by a US supply chain which includes manufacturing services in Baraga, Michigan and at the company’s facility in Newnan, Georgia.

Randall Flack, Technical Director at Pearson Engineering, said: “Despite competition from very capable companies in the US, we have proven that Pearson Engineering are world experts at providing these solutions and responding to the delivery needs of our customers.

“Our staff worked very hard to make this opportunity a success which is testament to the engineering prowess and dedication that can be found within the company.”

Simon Gilroy, Projects Director, added: “We are looking forward to scaling up our operation to deliver against this contract. Our project teams retain very close ties with the US following years of providing breaching, manoeuvre support and counter-IED capability.”


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