23 Oct 2019

Office for Veteran’s Affairs aiming to improve veteran healthcare

The Office for Veteran’s affairs will aim to improve veteran healthcare by coordinating different functions of government.

The Office for Veteran’s Affairs (OVA) hopes to improve veteran healthcare and the support available to former personnel. David Richmond CBE, a retired Colonel and former Commanding Officer of the 5th Battalion to The Royal Regiment of Scotland, has been appointed as head of the OVA.

The OVA will work with local authorities to improve veteran’s access to housing, mental health treatment, and employment. The organisation’s work will be coordinated across the country.

David Richmond CBE said: “I’m honoured to take on this role. As a veteran, I understand the struggles that some face and leading the OVA will provide a unique opportunity to serve our veteran community as they transition to civilian life and to ensure that the experience and the support they receive is world-leading.”

“I also know that our former military personnel are hugely talented, committed and have a range of skills, experiences and qualifications that we must ensure continues to benefit UK society. I want the OVA to champion veterans and ensure that their skills and talents are recognised fully by employers, business and wider society.”

The OVA’s goals are:

  • Pulling together all functions of government, and better co-ordinating charity sector provision, in order to ensure Britain fulfils its duty of care to former personnel
  • Ensuring that every single veteran and their family knows where to turn to access support when required
  • Helping to generate a ‘single view of the veteran’ by making better use of data to understand veterans’ needs and where gaps in provision exist
  • Improving the perception of veterans.

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