11 Dec 2018

NSC-led team to enhance military training for UK Armed Forces

A team of subject matter experts led by military simulation and training company NSC is to help the UK’s Armed Forces prepare intelligence professionals for the complexities of current and future operations.

Working in support of the Joint Intelligence Training Group (JITG), the team – made up of employees from NSC and its industry partners Torchlight Group and Harquebus – will work closely with tri-Service trainers to develop and deliver synthetic exercises that accurately reflect the critical role coherent intelligence plays in mission-focused decision-making.

As the support team for the newly-established Defence Intelligence Synthetic Training Environment facility at Chicksands in Bedfordshire, the Company will assist JITG in meeting the increasing requirement for well-prepared, operationally-aware intelligence personnel through innovative and responsive tuition.

The five-strong group assembled by NSC boasts a strong Forces pedigree and includes three members with a combined 65 years’ experience and expertise in joint operations and defence intelligence.

NSC, Torchlight and Harquebus’ core staff will be further supported by a pool of ex-military personnel well-versed in current doctrine and specialist technology and synthetic environment engineers.

Commenting on the announcement of the three-year Defence Intelligence Synthetic Training Environment support team contract, NSC’s Chief Executive Jeremy Spurr said: “We are looking forward to an innovative collaboration that will pair the unrivalled expertise and domain knowledge of the British Forces with that of industry professionals at the forefront of supporting military training.

“It will be an enviable operating model that will enhance the quality of training exercises across all arms and services.”

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