11 Sep 2018

Nottinghamshire Police adopts new command and control system

Saab’s command and control system, SAFE, has been procured by Nottinghamshire Police, the fifth UK police force to do so, through the East Midlands Strategic Commercial Unit.

SAFE is Saab’s unified control room solution for any environment that needs centralised command, control and communication. When the SAFE system goes live in Nottinghamshire in early 2020, the unified solution will replace several of Nottinghamshire Police’s legacy control room systems with a single, modern, software application.

The system will increase police force efficiency through multi-channel public contact, intelligent resource management and officer dispatch. Officers in the field will be able to access and update incident details as well as capture and share information via their SAFE mobile app.

Developed in partnership with the emergency services, SAFE is growing in popularity amongst police forces and is increasingly tailored to the specific needs of UK police forces. Cheshire Constabulary went live in March 2018 with Warwickshire Police, West Mercia Police and Cumbria Police due to follow, starting in early 2019.

Nottinghamshire Police’s Chief Constable, Craig Guildford, said: “I’ve seen the system work in practice and I’m really pleased to be working closely with Saab. The new technology will bring together several systems which will allow our officers and staff to work more efficiently and the force will make significant savings following a lengthy procurement process. This ultimately will deliver a better service to the public.”

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