10 Jun 2019

Northrop Grumman delivers first E-2D aircraft to Japan

Northrop Grumman has completed its first delivery of an E-2D Advanced Hawkeye to the Japanese Air Self-Defence Force (JASDF).

In November 2014, the Japan Ministry of Defence competitively selected the Company’s E-2D to fulfil an emerging next-generation airborne early warning requirement.

Japan has operated the Northrop Grumman E-2C Hawkeye since
1983 and is the largest E-2 operator outside the US. The E-2D delivers a
two-generation leap in radar technology, allowing the aircraft to track threats
at extended range. The aircraft can also be used in a humanitarian assistance
and disaster relief capacity for civilian emergency coordination. The E-2D
offers interoperability with next-generation aircraft systems and US Navy
allies to support regional security cooperation.

To ensure long-term success of the Japan E-2D fleet,
Northrop Grumman is providing continued support to JASDF in the areas of
sustainment and maintenance, in coordination with several Japanese firms.

Jane Bishop, Vice President and Integrated Product Team Leader, Manned Airborne Surveillance Programs, Northrop Grumman, said: “Northrop Grumman’s longstanding partnership with Japan is beginning a new chapter with the delivery of the first Japan E-2D.

“This aircraft provides a significant increase in early warning and surveillance capability to outpace Japan’s evolving security needs.”

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