04 Oct 2017

Northern Diver launches underwater navigation and sonar system

British diving and rescue equipment manufacturer Northern Diver has launched Nimrod – a new underwater navigation and sonar system.

Suited to both military and commercial marine use, it can be used for mission planning, diver navigation between waypoints, detection and surveying.

The Nimrod’s built-in sonar provides a range of up to 100 metres and a gain control can be used to adjust the clarity of the image on the 5″ colour LCD screen.

The system is also available with a Doppler velocity log (DVL) that measures the movement of the user in relation to the surrounding seabed so that the GPS float is only required periodically to update the DVL. This allows the GPS float not to be permanently deployed for when a stealth approach is required.

Both versions of the aluminium-bodied Nimrod offer an intelligent fast-charge system, 10-hour duration, a 100m depth rating and the capability for attachment to a diver propulsion vehicle (DPV).

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