18 Dec 2017

New homes for veterans open in time for Christmas

A new housing development for veterans transitioning from military to civilian life has opened in South London in time for Christmas.

The Parry Court housing development, funded by £8.6 million in Government Libor fines, will provide housing for veterans as they embark on a new future outside of the military.

At a ceremony in Morden, South London, the Ministry of Defence’s Chief of Defence People Lt Gen Richard Nugee handed over the keys of the first completed property to Private Jordan Collins, who received his new home in time for Christmas.

The housing development is a collaboration between the MOD and the Haig Housing Trust, and will provide eight one bedroom houses at a much cheaper rental rate than the private sector.

The Parry Court development will help individuals or couples start a new life in London who could otherwise not afford the high cost of the commercial market.

Rents at these properties will be set at less than 60% of the normal open market price in the area. This will offer affordability and stability for the individuals as they establish themselves firmly in a new job. The properties will be leased on a six monthly basis, extending up to two years.

Minister for Defence, People and Veterans Tobias Ellwood said: “The Parry Court opening exemplifies our commitment to the wellbeing of our veterans. This new development will be an important stepping stone for veterans, providing affordability and stability as they start their new life in the Capital.”

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