26 Sep 2019

New communications system to ensure interoperability between UK and Netherlands forces

An updated model of a communications system will help secure collaboration between UK and Netherlands forces, according to General Dynamics.

The updated communications system NIMCIS (New Integrated Marines Communications and Information System) will further collaboration between the UK and Netherlands armed forces. The two military organisations will work together to improve hardware, user experience, and training.

The new NIMCIS 4.0 programme will provide the Netherlands with upgraded technology aligning with that available to the UK. The new system creates a low-risk form of tactical communication and information transfer.

Major of Marines Menno van der Schaff said: “It is key for us to continuously improve and develop in order to stay in line with the latest technologies and that is what NIMCIS 4.0 will enable. We’ll be able to act faster and fully integrate with our colleagues in the United Kingdom, whilst evolving our current system and providing an easy-to-use system.”

General Dynamics UK has provided the NIMCIS system to the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps for the past 14 years. The system provides a secure voice and data communications infrastructure capable of supporting a range of network-enabled command, control, communications, computing and intelligence systems.

The new updates aim to create a more user-friendly experience with the soldier at the centre, aiming to improve the security of communication and strengthening collaboration between the UK and the Netherlands. The programme provides the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps with the Bowman 5.6 system, which General Dynamics is currently rolling out for the UK armed forces along with improvements such as additional data terminals and Battle Management System updates.

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