08 Mar 2018

New bursary to encourage veterans into teaching

The Government has unveiled a £40,000 bursary for ex-service personnel to retrain as a teacher as part of efforts to harness their expertise and leadership within the classroom.

From September, courses at universities nationwide will offer the incentive to veterans who have left full-time employment in the British Army, Royal Air Force or Royal Navy in the last five years, or anyone leaving before training begins.

The incentive will help ex-servicemen and women make the transition to the classroom where they can share their expertise with the next generation.

The bursary has been developed as part of the Department for Education’s commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant – the nation’s promise to those who serve or who have served – and will be offered on priority undergraduate courses in biology, chemistry, computing, maths or modern foreign languages.

It will replace the existing Troops to Teachers Programme, with the expectation that it will provide veterans with greater flexibility and enabling them to train with any Initial Teacher Training provider, while still receiving the same level of financial support.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said: “Our incredible troops have unrivalled life experiences and world-class skills that will motivate and inspire a generation of children in classrooms across the country.

“Through leadership, teamwork and problem solving, veterans are ideally suited for a career in teaching once they leave the Armed Forces.

“This programme not only offers our valued veterans a new and fulfilling career, it will help our children achieve their aspirations and life goals.”

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