15 Mar 2017

NCSC Chief warns UK politicians to improve cyber security

With the ramifications of a possible General Election, second Scottish Referendum and the complicated withdrawal from the EU currently on the agenda, the NCSC is hoping to avoid the series of embarrassing cyber breaches prevalent within the US Presidential Election, by offering UK’s political parties assistance with their cyber security.

Ciaran Martin, CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has written to offer the parties cyber help, together with a technical seminar that will cover the cyber threat picture, as well as practical advice on risk mitigation.

The NCSC is prioritising work to help improve cyber security in key organisations to assist the Government efforts, led by Rt Hon Ben Gummer MP, Minister for the Cabinet Office, to protect the integrity of UK democratic life.

Events in the United States, Germany and elsewhere, act as a reminder of the potential for hostile action against the UK political system, and protecting the UK’s political system is one of the NCSC’s operational priorities.

With NCSC’s technical experts on hand to provide advice, the seminars discuss threats and case studies of recent cyber incidents, practical steps to reduce the risk, and advice on incident management.

The seminars will be held in conjunction with the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) who will provide authoritative advice on broader protective security measures.

The NCSC works with the government and agencies to deliver good cyber security, which is increasingly fundamental to every facet of the Government’s work. As the official body for Cyber Security in the UK, it provides authoritative and coherent advice on how to protect networks and manage cyber risks to data.

The NCSC offer to help political parties is not just about the network security of political party systems. Attacks against the UK’s democratic processes go beyond this and can include attacks on Parliament, constituency offices, think tanks and pressure groups, and individuals’ email accounts. It is for this reason that the NCSC adopts a comprehensive approach to addressing cyber threats and managing risk.


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