28 Mar 2017

NATO’s Joint Warrior exercise begins in Scotland

One of Europe’s largest NATO exercises will take place over the next two weeks to prepare thousands of military personnel for potential future conflicts.

Joint Warrior will include live firing training at Cape Wrath’s Ministry of Defence range and involve warships operating out of Faslane, in addition to aircraft from Moray’s RAF Lossiemouth.

The exercise is held twice a year – in spring and autumn.

The training operation will for the first time see artificial intelligence used to test personnel from the army, navy and air force against the evolving threats facing the organisation.

About 430 personnel are coordinating the exercise from HM Naval Base Clyde’s Maritime Operations Centre.

Thirty-five ships, including submarines, and more than 50 aircraft will be in action during Joint Warrior.

As part of the exercise, Information Warrior 17 will test the Royal Navy deal against the threat of cyber warfare for the first time.

Admiral Ben Key said: “Exploitation of information is a significant force multiplier. We must become more agile, developing the ability to make quicker decisions and operate at a faster tempo than our adversaries.

“We must: use information as a weapon in itself, to deliver effects with greater precision in both time and space; protect our information effectively; better integrate a comprehensive approach to planning; and exploit technology.”

Countries taking part in the exercise include Denmark, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the US.

image © Peter R Foster IDMA / Shutterstock.com

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