09 May 2017

NATO promotes intercultural dialogue to improve security

NATO Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy, Tacan Ildem, was on hand to attend the Fourth World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue as part of efforts to promote intercultural dialogue as an effective means to improve human security, the conditions for peace, and sustainable development.

Taking place in Baku, the event was organised by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the government of Azerbaijan.

Speaking at the plenary session on Promoting Dialogue and Building Bridges as a Tool to Preventing Violent Extremism, the Ambassador called for a comprehensive approach to tackle the issues facing international powers.

He said: “Radicalisation is the biggest challenge that the rules-based international system that organisations like the United Nations, the European Union and NATO help to govern, is facing today. It is a threat to open societies, to democracy, to the culture of tolerance and respect of the other that are the conditions sine qua non to preserve peace across the globe.

“NATO participates and supports the fight against ISIL by providing AWACS surveillance planes. But this is not a battle to be won by military means only. Allies are cooperating closely with partner countries in the MENA region to project stability, to help building sustainable institutions and state structures that can enhance the countries’ own capacities to protect their populations.”

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