21 Nov 2018

MoU to shore up Australian submarine and naval shipbuilding

SEA, a UK-based defence and security specialist, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Australian-owned Daronmont Technologies.

The MoU will see some of the world’s most advanced combat and communications systems brought to Australian shores, with specific focus on the requirements of the Future Submarine (SEA 1000) and Hunter Class Frigate (SEA 5000) programmes.

Initially, a specialist cell will be established at the Daronmont facility in Adelaide, housing cutting-edge SEA training and simulation technology. By pooling their collective knowledge, expertise and intellectual properties, the SEA-Daronmont partnership will look to foster homegrown solutions, robust supply chains and ‘whole of life-cycle’ support.

“SEA’s objective is to bring the best of today’s technology to Australia to enable world-leading future naval combat and mission systems development,” said Managing Director Steve Hill.

“The inherent synergies that have been identified between SEA and Daronmont – including our collective experience and capabilities – mean that we have high confidence in our ability to deliver leading-edge technology solutions combined with recognised indigenous experience in Australia.”

Daronmont CEO, Ben Norris, echoed those sentiments. According to Daronmont, the partnership has the potential to significantly enhance the quality of locally-sourced components for both the SEA 1000 and 5000 programmes.

He added: “Daronmont is excited by the opportunities for technology transfer and local capability growth that will be enabled through the MoU with SEA in the short-term, as well as the longer-term potential to develop Sovereign Industry Capability in South Australia that can support regional export business opportunities through SEA’s established global supply chain.”

Speaking on behalf of the South Australian Government, Defence SA Chief Executive Richard Price concluded: “South Australia is home to a strong and capable defence industry, and it’s fantastic to see our innovative local companies forging international partnerships to maximise business opportunities and play a critical role these once-in-a-generation naval shipbuilding programs.”

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