16 Mar 2011

MOD sites to be shut down

Military websites to be closed in money saving measure

In these austere times Westminster are taking cost cutting measures across the board. It is hoped these will go some way to saving money or at least cauterising debt.

But another side effect is the potential for stream lining services.

Due to efficiency measures this year Government policy dictates that all external Departmental websites must close down.

Future communications from the Government are planned to come from the DirectGov website.

A number of key MOD sites will be affected by the changes

Acquisition Operating Framework   www.aof.mod.uk

Admiralty Charts and Publications  www.nmwebsearch.com

Armed Forces Day              www.armedforcesday.org.uk

Army      www.army.mod.uk

Army      www.crusadersfc.org.uk

Army Online         www.armyonline.mod.uk (gone)

Blogspot – Service Personnel and Veterans Agency www.servicepersonnelandveteransagency.blogspot.com

Camouflage         www.camouflage.mod.uk

Chief Scientific Advisor      www.science.mod.uk

Dartmoor Ranges (MOD)   www.dartmoor-ranges.co.uk

Defence Academy              www.da.mod.uk

Defence Analytical Services Agency              www.dasa.mod.uk

Defence Consultations      www.defenceconsultations.org.uk

Defence Image Database www.defenceimagedatabase.mod.uk

Defence Media Operations Centre  www.defencemediaops.co.uk

Defence News Imagery     www.defencenewsimagery.mod.uk

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory              www.dstl.gov.uk

DN Notice System               www.dnotice.org

Future of Navigation           www.futureofnavigation.co.uk

Light Dragoons    www.lightdragoons.org.uk

Met Office             www.metoffice.gov.uk

Ministry of Defence (MOD)                www.mod.uk

MOD Police UK    www.mod.police.uk

Queens Harbour Master Portsmouth              www.qhmportsmouth.com

RAF News             www.rafnews.co.uk

Royal Air Force (RAF)         www.raf.mod.uk

Royal Air Force (RAF) Community Support   www.rafcom.co.uk

Royal Navy           www.royalnavy.mod.uk

Royal Navy Community Website     www.rncom.mod.uk

Scottish Naval Exercise Area Information      www.rnopsscotland.com

Service Adventurous Training          www.ahrc.co.uk (gone)

Soldier Magazine                www.soldiermagazine.co.uk

Sovereign Base Areas Cyprus         www.sba.mod.uk

Submarine dismantling     www.submarinedismantling.co.uk

UK Hydrographic Office     www.ukho.gov.uk

Veterans-UK Information Portal       www.veterans-uk.info

The shut down scheme is due to begin 31st March and continue into the summer.

The MOD have requested that www.mod.uk and some other vital sites stay operational but it remains to be seen whether these exemptions will be accepted by the Cabinet Office.

The changes will not only affect business but also the social aspect of military sites. The Royal Navy’s ‘Jack Speak’ has already relocated to a blog site.

If you disagree with this policy, then you can of course write to your MP.

Internal intranet sites and access by suppliers via the RLI to intranet sites is NOT affected.

Will these changes bring about a more streamlined and efficient information service or a restricted one?

How will they affect business relationships?

What do you think about the changes?