04 Apr 2019

MOD marks success of Project Servator

The MOD has marked the anniversary of the launch of Project Servator which protects Defence personnel and infrastructure.

The Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) launched Project Servator two years ago to protect Defence staff, assets, and facilities in the UK. The initiative also extends to protecting local communities and providing a wider police presence.

Officers in the project are trained to gather intelligence and spot criminal activity, ranging from driving offences and shoplifting to carrying weapons and terrorism. Servator officers share intelligence with other police forces and access resources including CCTV and sniffer dogs.

Assistant Chief Constable Dave Long said: “Cooperation between the public, organisations, partners and the police is one of the most powerful tools to tackle the challenge that the UK faces from terrorism and, with the ongoing threat, this cooperation is more important than ever.”

“We rely on staff and members of the public, within the communities that we protect, to be our extra eyes and ears. Everybody has an important role to play by reporting any suspicious behaviour that they see or hear, or anything that just doesn’t feel right. However insignificant you think something may be, trust your instincts and report it because your actions could potentially save lives.”

The project was launched at HM Naval Base Portsmouth and the Atomic Weapons Establishment Sites in Berkshire. The project engages with other departments including the British Transport Police, Metropolitan Police Service, and the City of London Police, and encourages members of the public and other groups to provide information on suspicious activity.

Project Servator presence is most prominent at defence sites including Defence Headquarters in Whitehall and HM Naval Base Clyde. Anyone with information on any potential terrorist activity is encouraged to contact the police or other local authorities and further information and advice are available on the government’s website.

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