04 Sep 2013

MOD extends contract with BMT

Summary: BMT Hi-Q Sigma Ltd (BMT), a subsidiary of BMT Group, has announced that in partnership with Nuvia Ltd, it has been awarded a 12-month extension contract with the MOD.

The contract will see both companies continuing to provide technical expertise and programme management support for the Submarine Dismantling Project (SDP).

The SDP, which was introduced to help develop a solution for the dismantling of the UK’s nuclear submarines after they have left service with the Royal Navy, was recently given the green light to move forward to the next main phase.

Working on the project for the last four years, BMT has helped the SDP to build confidence with stakeholders and be recognised for key achievements. BMT will continue to work closely with the MOD team in this phase, helping to define a programme that recognises and attains the required outcomes, as well as providing hands-on risk, schedule, interface and change management support at the project level.

Simon Gould, Managing Director of BMT Hi-Q Sigma, said: “Controlling an increasingly complex and diverse requirement and managing a dispersed team is no mean feat. By working in partnership with the MoD, we are providing clarity and ensuring that issues, opportunities and risks are effectively managed.”

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