02 Aug 2018

MOD extend SAAB’s Arthur weapon locating system contract

Saab has been awarded a contract with the Ministry of Defence to extend by one year the logistical support contract first signed in 2015 for the Arthur weapon locating system.

Saab delivered the first Arthur systems to the UK 15 years ago, where it is known as the Mobile Artillery Monitoring Battlefield Asset (MAMBA). Arthur is in use with the British Army’s 5thRegiment Royal Artillery and has supported operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Arthur is a combat proven weapon locating system, which is also in use in countries including Sweden, Norway, Greece, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and the Republic of Korea.

The system is used for tasks ranging from counter-battery operations and fire control of artillery weapons, to protecting forces and civilians by providing warning of incoming fire. It features passive phased-array antenna technology for optimised performance in an electronic warfare environment.

Anders Carp, Senior Vice President and head of Saab’s business area Surveillance, said: “The UK is an important market for our surface-based radars, with the UK recently becoming our largest operator of Giraffe AMB radars. We are pleased to contribute to the protection of UK forces by continuing to support Arthur.”

The work will be undertaken on-site at 5thRegiment Royal Artillery’s Marne Barracks in Catterick.

Image © Saab AB

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