08 Aug 2019

MOD awards contract for Typhoon engine support

MOD has awarded a nearly £350 million contract for Typhoon engine support to Rolls-Royce.

The contract, worth £346.7million was awarded to Rolls-Royce for the maintenance of Typhoon engines with jobs in Bristol, Lincolnshire, and Moray. The EJ200 engines will be maintained and repaired by Rolls-Royce over five years.

The contract includes Rolls-Royce being responsible to provide modules, accessories, and spares for the fleet. They will also transport parts between RAF bases and their manufacturing centre in Bristol.

Chief of Materiel (Air), Defence Equipment, & Support Air Marshal Julian Young said: “Typhoon is a formidable, battle-winning aircraft and the backbone of UK Combat Airpower.”

“This new deal on EJ200 engine is demonstrable evidence that we remain committed to working with our industrial partners to drive down support costs and at the same time pursue excellence and deliver great equipment to the Front Line.”

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Defence Minister, said: “Not only will this contract help to maintain our world-class jets, it secures 175 jobs across the UK and boosts the skills base our world-leading defence industry relies upon.”

“Together with our multi-million-pound upgrade programme, this contract will ensure our Typhoon fleet continues to dominate the skies in the decades to come.”

The contract will provide jobs in RAF Lossiemouth and RAF Coningsby where the Typhoon fleet is based as well as in Bristol. Typhoons are also based in the Falkland Islands and Amari Air Base in Estonia, and the fleet recently received a £425million upgrade programme spread out over the last three years to improve capabilities.

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