23 Feb 2018

Ministry of Defence set to launch Combat Air Strategy

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has told the defence select committee that a Combat Air Strategy will be launched to ensure Britain maintains a world-leading combat air capability.

The MOD will work across Government and closely with industry and international partners to explore the UK’s future Combat Air capabilities, building on the Industrial Strategy and refreshed Defence Industrial Policy launched last year.

Due to be launched in the summer, the strategy will examine the operational capability needed in the future and the skills and resource required to deliver it. The work will take new and emerging technology into account, as well as export potential, whilst testing British industry’s ability to deliver our future requirements.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said: “Since the birth of airpower, British industry has been crucial to maintaining our military’s world-leading position. As we celebrate 100 years of the RAF protecting our skies, it is fitting that we create bold and ambitious plans to help our brave Armed Forces keep us safe in the face of intensifying threats.

“The Combat Air Strategy will bring together the best of British engineering, skill and design, and deliver a compelling vision for the future of air power.”

The strategy announcement follows an initial review of the defence aerospace sector by the MOD, which involved engaging across Government and with industry.

The development of a Combat Air Strategy is consistent with the themes of the Modernising Defence Programme and will set out how the MOD can deliver its critical military capability requirements whilst considering wider economic and international factors and national security objectives.

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