04 Oct 2017

MBDA sign MoU with Ferra Engineering

MBDA has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Queensland based Ferra Engineering.

The MoU will see MBDA and Ferra work together in support of the Australian Industry Content (AIC) proposal to contribute to the $20 billion LAND 400 programme.

MBDA Australia Managing Director, Andy Watson said: “Our product for Land 400, MMP, is the only fifth generation anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW) in production.

“MMP is the most advanced and lowest risk missile solution for Land 400 Phase 2 and we are delighted to partner with Ferra Engineering to help bring MMP’s technological and strategic benefits to Australia.

“MBDA’s approach to Australian Industrial Content is based on two principles: ensuring the Commonwealth has the highest level of operational independence and sovereignty in its use of the missile and generating real opportunities for Australian industry.

“Our vision is for MMP to become the first missile that is built, maintained and evolved in Australia.”

The MoU with Ferra Engineering is the first of a number of agreements with Australian companies that MBDA expect to be completed over the coming weeks.

image © MBDA / Isabelle Chapuis / 2012

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