02 Oct 2017

Leonardo chosen by the ESA as cyber security partner

Leonardo has announced it has been selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) to conduct a study into the management of data security for the Galileo European navigation satellite programme.

Announcing the news at the Cybertech Europe conference in Rome, the Company will support the ESA by defining a state-of-the-art security monitoring system for Galileo, taking into account new mission requirements and new security standards and procedures relevant to the European satellite network.

Galileo, which started delivering services in December 2016, is a global navigation and localisation satellite system that will provide Europe with an independent and highly accurate positioning service.

It will provide reliable and accurate services for citizens, transport, telecommunications, security, emergency management, search and rescue, companies, banks and utilities.

The programme is managed by the European Commission, which has delegated the technical development and deployment of infrastructure to the ESA.

Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo said: “The cyber security of Space infrastructure is more critical than ever before. New technologies must be developed – including via international collaborations – to protect satellite-based assets, which have become a crucial part of the daily lives of citizens and play key roles in critical national infrastructure, from communications to transportation and defence. Protecting them against cyber threats has become essential.

 “Therefore, we are proud of this collaboration with the ESA that will enable us to enhance our cyber security expertise in the cutting-edge Space sector”.

image © ESA-P. Carril

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