13 Oct 2020

Latest DIO procurement pipeline reveals opportunities for construction suppliers

The latest Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) procurement pipeline, published on 5 October 2020, includes over 40 opportunities for construction suppliers.

The Procurement Pipeline replaces the Procurement Plan and complements the DIO Commercial Strategy.

Estimated contract values within the pipeline range from £200,000 to £113.6 million and there are opportunities for businesses of all sizes.

DIO procurement pipeline

DIO spends around £3 billion each year buying infrastructure services in the UK and overseas. The latest pipeline included opportunities for construction suppliers of all shapes and sizes with one contract valued at £900 million, for the “procurement of a cross-Government overseas construction framework.”

In response to the release, Nick Wilkinson, DIO’s Commercial Director, said:

“I am pleased to share DIO’s Procurement Pipeline with current and potential suppliers.

“It is extremely important both for us in DIO and our current and future suppliers that we share as much of our upcoming work as possible. We know the importance of having time to adequately plan strategic alignment, bidding resources, and working resources against work packages suppliers are interested in.

“This is equally important for DIO as it helps us to think further ahead in our planning and gives a wide range of high capability suppliers from SMEs to large organisations the ability to bid.”


The DIO Procurement Pipeline can be found here


Engage earlier

The DIO procurement pipeline aims to inform industry of what DIO plans to buy on behalf of its Armed Forces customers.

Large-scale projects, such as those on the DIO procurement pipeline, are actively opening their supply chains and many have specific targets in place for supplier engagement.

Although the pipeline is updated every quarter, it is crucial that businesses are equipped with the information support and intelligence required to engage early and win business, all of which are readily available through our Defence Contracts International intelligence platform.


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