13 Oct 2017

L3 to supply SATCOM terminals to US Air National Guard

L3 Technologies is to deliver Hawkeye III Lite VSAT satellite communications terminals – alongside on-site training – to the US Air National Guard’s Joint Incident Site Communications Capability (JISCC) teams.

The newly announced contract will require L3 to manufacture 46 Hawkeye III Lite 1.2 metre tri-band VSATs during the fourth quarter of 2017. These terminals will enable direct communication between remote locations across all 50 states and US territories.

Additionally, the Army Strategic Command (ARSTRAT) certified system will facilitate access to the Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) network of military satellites which support all response missions within the US and its territories.

For those unaware, JISCC furnishes Air National Guard communications units with military Command and Control and National Incident Management System compatible data using a standard, modular communications platform.

“L3 is proud to provide an advanced WGS communications capability to the Air National Guard,” commented Christopher Kubasik, President and Chief Operating Officer at L3. “We have delivered more than 12,000 VSATs to military customers and have earned a reputation for quality, performance and reliability. The improved satellite connectivity and functionality from these terminals will assist this essential unit in its critical missions across the globe.”

L3’s SATCOM systems integrate data, broadband Internet, telephony, multimedia, audio, video and computer networking. To date, the terminals are utilized by the US Department of Defence and US Department of Homeland Security, in addition to federal agencies and commercial sector customers.

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Image © M-SUR / Shutterstock.com

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