02 Jan 2019

L3 awarded $350 million F-16 pilot training contract

The US Air Force has appointed L3 Technologies prime contractor as part of its $350 million F-16 Simulators Training Program (STP).

The newly awarded F-16 STP contract consolidates the previous F-16 Mission Training Center (MTC), F-16 Weapons and Tactics Trainer (WTT) Advanced Sustainment, and F-16 Training System (TS) programs into a single, unified offering.

“For more than four decades L3 has proudly developed pilots and expert technicians in support of US Air Force F-16 weapons system operations,” said Christopher Kubasik, L3’s Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President. “This award demonstrates our ability to deliver comprehensive, world-class training solutions that support total air readiness.”

L3 was the incumbent contractor on two of the three predecessor programs to the F-16 STP; the F-16 MTC and F-16 TS. The company was first awarded the F-16 MTC in 2008 through a competitive procurement process.

“By combining three different programs, F-16 STP will enable the US Air Force to provide a more cost-effective approach to maintaining concurrency for the warfighter,” said Mike Swanger, Program Manager of F-16 Simulators at US Air Force.

“Our international allies will have the opportunity to benefit from our expertise in their own countries,” added Lenny Genna, President of L3 Link Training & Simulation. “We are proud to build on our long-standing partnership with the Air Force and look forward to being a key provider of F-16 training systems and services for many years to come.”

Since 1986, L3 has provided the US Air Force with state-of-the-art, high-fidelity F-16 training systems, both at home and overseas.

Image © Michael Fitzsimmons / Shutterstock

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