27 Apr 2017

Kratos converts Russian tank to operate unmanned

Micro Systems, a business unit of San Diego-headquartered Kratos Defense & Security Solutions and part of the Kratos Unmanned Systems Division, has successfully converted a Russian T-72 tank to operate unmanned.

Kratos/Micro Systems converted the T-72 to be controlled by its Army Ground Aerial Target Control System (AGATCS) in response to a need by the US Army for a tank target. AGATCS is a vehicle and datalink agnostic control system that has been interfaced to a wide variety of US Army air, ground, and sea surface target vehicles.

Converting the T-72 presented a unique set of challenges not normally encountered with conventional vehicles. The dual tiller steering system required high levels of force and displacement, while the operating environment was harsh, with high levels of vibration, temperature and dust.

Working together as an integrated team, personnel from Kratos/Micro Systems and the Army’s Targets Management Office addressed and resolved the various issues.

Remote control was facilitated by the ability of AGATCS to control a wide variety of vehicles with highly disparate control requirements.

Kevin Ferguson, Senior Vice President of Kratos/Micro Systems, said: “Micro Systems is proud to support the US Army’s Targets Management Office with new capabilities to provide highly threat representative target vehicles to support their efforts to develop capabilities to keep our homeland and warriors safe.”


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