08 Dec 2017

Knowledge Wall

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States

Knowledge Wall

Department of the Navy

Official Address:
2010 Henderson Road Quantico VA 22134-5045

Zip Code:

Colleen Powers, Contract Specialist, Phone 703-784-2523, Fax 703-784-5908, Email colleen.powers@usmc.mil


Date Posted:


Contract Description:

This is a Request For Information only.  Please send capability statement to Colleen Powers. 

Perfomance Work Statement:
(U//FOUO) The purpose of this market survey is to identify potential solutions to the requirement detailed below. The government would like to identify software and hardware that can currently provide the capabilities required. An acquisition on this requirement may or may not materialize depending on the current solutions in industry.

(U//FOUO) The United States Marine Corps is looking for information on all components needed to implement a Knowledge Wall, the Knowledge Wall will be able to dynamically display unclassified Command information in a lobby. The Knowledge Wall will provide an interactive, touch screen display and be able to display:

(U//FOUO), Requirements:

•1.       Display images (Example File types: .jpg, .pdf, .png)

•2.       Display videos

•3.       Display scrolling text box at bottom for news highlights

•4.       Networked (capable) to commercial Internet:

•a.       Display live data feeds/Really Simple Syndication

                                                               i.      Weather, traffic, time, date, temperature

•b.      Remote troubleshooting with support technicians

•c.       Display SharePoint portal homepage

•d.      Display security alerts

•5.       Sound

•6.       6 point IR touch screen.

•a.       Display application store look and feel with icons linked to information

•b.      Allow for drag and drop and expand capabilities

•7.       Training for two personnel

•8.       Requires maintenance package including software upgrades for 2 years

•9.       Requires hardware warranty for 2 years

•10.   Requires troubleshooting/support for hardware/software for 2 years

•11.   Installation and display in keeping with the theme of the lobby

•12.   System should work with a 2X3 arrangement of 47” screens or one large single screen with the same dimension

•13.   The system, hardware and software, must comply with regulations and policies for information technology security compliance in order to receive authority to connect and operate the system in an unclassified network, including:

•a.       Risk Management Framework (RMF) for Department of Defense IT (DoDI 8510.01)

•b.      Vulnerability Alerts (IAVA, TCNO, others)

•c.       FIPS 199

•d.      NIST 800-37 Rev. 1 (Risk Management Framework)

•e.      NIST 800-60 (Guide for Mapping Information Systems to Security Categories)

•f.        NIST Cybersecurity Framework

•g.       CNSS 1253

•h.      DISA Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIGs)

•14.   The contractor shall provide services to prepare the system to accomplish ATO, this include but not limited to:

•a.       Remediation actions to bring the system in compliance with the above mentioned regulations and policies.

•b.      Provide a plan of action and milestone to remediate the system based on findings and recommendations from the security assessment.

•c.       Implement security controls based on the specified security selection document or identified security plan.

•d.      Provide in writing system compliance of regulations and policies.

If the system already obtained an ATO from DISA please note it on the response.

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