28 May 2018

Kindergarten and Public Building Rehabilitation

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Contract type: Public works contract
Contracting authority: ACTED (Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development) Libya. Email: libya.tender@acted.org / tender@acted.org / transparency@acted.org.
Object of the contract
Lot no : 1 – DDP Skabli, Benghazi City, Skabli.
Lot no : 2 – DDP Bu’Atni, Benghazi City
The awarding authority is implementing several projects in Libya and is inviting suppliers of products and services to submit offers for the following call for tender:
Tender Ref. # T/14CUJ/86D/REH/BEN/17052018/001
Rehabilitation of the Al Yasamin Kindergarten in Skabli
Rehabilitation of the Headquarters of General Authority for Water in Bu’Atni, Benghazi city.
Lot No Description
Lot no : 1 – Rehabilitation of the Al Yasamin Kindergarten in Skabli – Supply / Works – Refer to instructions in bidders’ documents on the website below
Lot no : 2 – Rehabilitation of the Headquarters of General Authority for Water in Bu’Atni
Mandatory Site visit to be done on the 06/06/2018 at 11:00am
DDP Bu’Atni, Benghazi City
Suppliers can bid for one or several lots. If the supplier answers only to one lot, this supplier will be considered as eligible for the tender.
The tender will be conducted using specified standard bidding documents available on the website below, open to all qualified suppliers and service providers. The Bidding Document package (in English) may be collected free of charge by all interested bidders at the following address:
Awarding Authority office in Benghazi: First ring road, Afoyhat Area. Benghazi, Libya
Or can be downloaded from the following link:

Potential bidders are encouraged to consult the awarding authority and IAPG websites regularly for potential modifications to the present tender and/or the bidding documents.
All bids must be submitted no later than 14/06/2018 (June 14th, 2018) at 17:00 (local Libyan time) at the address mentioned above in a sealed envelope with the mention “T/14CUJ/86D/REH/BEN/17052018/001 not to be opened before the 15/06/ 2018”, and the purpose of the offer or by E-mail to awarding authority. Late bids will automatically be rejected.
PS: Please DO NOT send your bids but to the two mentioned email or it will be canceled.
The awarding authority will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by the Bidders in connection with the preparation and submission of their bids to awarding authority.
A tender opening session will take place on the 15st of June, 2018 in the ACTED representative office in Tunisia. The presence of bidders’ representative is allowed. For all inquiries regarding this tender, please contact the ACTED representative office in Tunisia not later than the 13th of June 2018 at 17:00 (local Libyan time) by telephone (+ [216 50461812]) or by E-mail at libya.tender@acted.org, cc tender@acted.org.
To ensure that funds are used exclusively for humanitarian purposes and in accordance with donors’ compliance requirements, all contract offers are subject to the condition that contractors do not appear on anti-terrorism lists, in line with ACTED’s anti-terrorism policy. To this end, contractors’ data shall be automatically processed.
If you witness or suspect unethical business practices during the tendering process, please send an e-mail to awarding authority.
CPV: 45453100, 45213000, 45214100
Administrative Information
Tender Ref. # T/11DDG/E17/ASS/BRT/PRG/09052018/001
All bids must be submitted no later than (local Libyan time) 14.6.2018 (17:00)
For further information and instructions in the above contract notice please visit website:
Other Information
Please refer the website above for documentation