19 Apr 2018

KBRwyle win contract to advance US Air Force air and space systems

KBRwyle has been awarded a $32.3 million contract to assist the US Air Force in enhancing the operational capability and efficiency of air and space systems.

Under the agreement, KBRwyle will support the Air Force’s Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities (TENCAP) Program, providing a full spectrum of systems engineering services for the rapid prototype development and integration of national-level space, intelligence, and air and missile defence capabilities.

KBRwyle will assist the Air Force with cost-effective research, development, and test and evaluation of emerging technologies, materials, and manufacturing processes. This work will significantly advance the functionality and capability of military systems, while shortening the timeline from prototyping to fielding fully operational systems.

The company will primarily perform this work at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado as well as other locations around the world, with the task order award period to last 54 months.

Byron Bright, President, KBRwyle, said: “KBRwyle will work with our outstanding team of subcontractors to rapidly place leading-edge national capabilities and technologies into the hands of the warfighter through this new contract.

“This award provides us another opportunity to partner with the US military to bolster national security. It is a testament to our reputation for delivering quality, dependable and innovative government services.”

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