28 Jun 2017

JSK supplies Royal Canadian Navy

JSK Naval support has completed its first manufacturing contract for the Royal Canadian Navy, which will see 66 battery packs supplied to Canada’s Department of National Defense.

The packs, designed to power emergency underwater telephones, will be deployed to Royal Canadian Navy’s Victoria Class submarines, as part of Sonar 2073. The subs previously served as the UK Royal Navy’s Upholder Class, where Sonar 2073 is fitted to all boasts, to be used if a boat’s supply fails or is initially unavailable in the case of an emergency.

The system enables survivors from a distressed submarine to signal their position and help them establish and maintain voice communication, as a combination of Emergency Underwater Telephone (EUWT) and Submarine Locator Acoustic Beacon (SLAB).

Submarine communication links normally operate off a boats’ 115V supply, however battery packs are fitted adjacent escape hatches as back-up power. They can also assist sub-surface units in homing in to physical contact with a disabled submarine under conditions of very low visibility.

The contract has been delivered by JSK Naval Support, a joint venture between Canada’s Kaycom Inc., a trusted provider for the Canadian Government, and the UK’s Cohort plc company SEA,

SEA has been the UK Royal Navy’s Design Authority for Sonar 2073 for some 15 years and has used its experience to transfer the technology to JSK, which won the competitive Victoria Class contract from Canada’s Public Works and Government Services organisation. The programme was completed at JSK’s headquarters in in Point-Claire, Quebec.

JSK VP Operations Neil Herbert explained: “This manufacturing contract builds on our established work as a support organization for the RCN and, through the transfer of IP and technology from SEA, underlined the strengths that SEA and Kaycom bring to JSK.

“We are also committed to further developing customer in-country manufacturing expertise and support that will enable JSK to provide valuable Canadian content value into the RCN’s programme for a new surface combatant.”


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