30 Jun 2017

Jenoptik recognised for supplier performance

Global tech business Jenoptik has been awarded above average supplier performance by both Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems and Boeing, two of its most important American customers.

Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems was first to award Jenoptik with the ‘4 stars’ category during its annual Integrated Supplier Excellence Conference in Boston. This meant Jenoptik achieved the second-highest assessment that Raytheon awards to its suppliers.

150 suppliers received an award. Of them, 50 received an award in the ‘4 stars’ category and 25 suppliers received an award in the ‘5 stars’ category.

Raytheon has approximately 11,000 suppliers globally in 33 countries, approximately ten per cent of which are regularly checked using a supplier management system.

The evaluation was based on costs, delivery times, and the quality of the products, as well as the performance of the technology and the business management.

For more than 25 years, Jenoptik has been delivering power generator units and components from its German site in Altenstadt (Bavaria) for Raytheon’s Global Patriot Solutions. These units supply the Patriot radar and missile launcher with electricity.

Raytheon’s Global Patriot Solutions is a missile defence system consisting of radars, command-and-control technology and multiple types of interceptors, working together to detect, identify and defeat tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, drones and other threats. Patriot is the foundation of integrated air and missile defence for 13 nations.

In addition, for the sixth time in a row, aircraft manufacturer Boeing awarded Jenoptik with the ‘Silver Boeing Performance Excellence Award’ for above-average supplier performance.

Jenoptik has been a supplier for Boeing for 20 years and has delivered a total of approximately 6,600 heated fittings for the Boeing 737 during this period.


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