06 Apr 2017

Jamaica-Kingston: EIB – Various environmental, zoning and other baseline studies for the Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA)

Type of document: Invitation to tender
Country: Jamaica
OJEU Ref: (2017/S 067-125481/EN)
Nature of contract: Service contract
Procedure: Restricted procedure
Regulation of procurement: European Investment Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Contract notice
EIB – Various environmental, zoning and other baseline studies for the Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) (JM-Kingston)

The Airports Authority of Jamaica, (AAJ), (hereinafter referred to as “the Borrower”) has received a loan from the European Investment Bank – EIB (hereinafter referred to as “the Bank”) – towards the cost of the Norman Manley International Airport Project for the Norman Manley International Airport and is the beneficiary of a subsidy which is being utilized to provide technical assistance and studies related to the planned privatization of the airport.
This International Call for Expression of Interest relates to:
This contract provides for: The consultants thorough and comprehensive review of all components of the study to produce the following results: improve communication between government, operators, stakeholders and customers; boost profitability by eliminating overlap and waste; improve the general operations and operational resiliency across all departments & stakeholder operations at NMIA; Development of an advisory process.
With regards to Climate Change Adaptation, the Consultant will: Develop an advisory process; Identify partners for monitoring and surveillance of climate impacts; Complete a vulnerability assessment schematic; Development of adaptation goals and policies and make recommendations for shoreline protection projects.
With regards to GIS/ GPS Asset Mapping, the Consultant will provide for the Creation of an airport GIS Database with spatial and attribute data on electrical & mechanical facilities, civil structures and natural features; Use GPS (and related equipment) to capture and record accurate geospatial references for airport facilities and infrastructure; facilitate accurate real-time data collection for planning, analysis, mitigation and response and determine the airport locality boundaries.
With regards to Obstacle Limitation Survey, the Consultant will provide the basis on which to enter into discussions with other major users of the aerospace that may present obstacles as well as provide information to the regulator JCAA who may need to entrench this data in law. Provide information to increase operational safety in order to:
• Provide geodetic control for engineering projects and airfield construction at the airport including obstruction clearing, road building, and other airport improvement activities.
• Provide object/obstacle position and elevation data to JCAA for design and development of instrument approach and departure procedures and other operational flight procedures especially as it relates to GPS approaches.
• Determine whether obstacles are obstructions to air navigation and if further study is required to determine aeronautical effect, such as adjustments to instrument approach minima, and/or obstruction marking and lighting.
• Provide information to increase airport planning and operation efficiency.
• Provide geodetic controls for navigational aid (NAVAID) site selection, and the air traffic control (ATC) tower location.
• Provide obstacle data to airport users for use in operational planning including departure procedures and determining maximum take-off weights for civil aircraft.
• Support height zoning enactment and enforcement. Assist in airport planning and land use studies in the airport vicinity and to be incorporated in the airport zoning study.
With Regards to Noise exposure and land use compatibility, the Consultant will: define the noise exposure levels in and around an airport and develop updated Noise Exposure Maps; develop an initial Noise Compatibility Strategy for land use planning and noise mitigation; and determine existing incompatible land use within the airport locality
With Regards to Airport Zoning, the Consultant will: determine the airport locality boundaries; determine existing incompatible land use within the airport locality; specify land use to be permitted within the airport locality; develop zoning ordinances/ regulations for the designated areas; determine and measures to be taken to protect the safety and welfare of property owners, residents and businesses in the airport locality; and identify and determine the effectiveness of current local and international legislations, regulations and policies in for airport land use planning and zoning.
This contract is expected to be implemented from 2017 NOVEMBER, 1 to 2018 JUNE, 30
(Respondents please note that scope and timeline may be extended during award. EOIs are being accepted through open tender from which owner will shortlist firms being considered).
The criteria to be used in the evaluation of the Expression of Interest in decreasing order of importance are:
No. 1 Key professional staff qualifications and competence for the assignment; 40 points
No. 2 Experience of the Consultants relevant to the assignment; 30 points
No. 3 Financial; 30 points
The EOI application may be downloaded from the website of the Airports Authority of Jamaica i.e.
EOI Start Date: Wednesday April 5 2017; 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. EST
EOI Closure Date & Time: Tuesday, May 9, 2017; 3:00 p.m. EST
Opening of EOIs: Tuesday, May 9, 2017; 3:15 p.m. EST
All EOIs must be delivered in closed envelopes bearing the mention:
at the following address:
Airports Authority of Jamaica, Norman Manley International Airport, Palisadoes, Kingston, Jamaica.
A tender box will be located inside the AAJ/NMIAL Administration Building