02 Aug 2017

Italy award Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group CT scanner contract

Italy has chosen the Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group’s CT Scanner to deliver deployed medical diagnostic facilities.

The Italian Ministry of Defence purchased the system through the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) framework contract for the supply of military CT scanners.

Developed in partnership with Philips Healthcare, the CT scanner will enter service later this year.

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group is supplying a containerised solution designed to provide CT Scanning capability reliably and continuously in the harshest environments encountered in contemporary military operations, civil disaster and humanitarian relief missions.

The system protects the CT from extremes of shock and vibration during all modes of transport. It also maintains strict temperature and humidity limits for safe operation of the equipment, even in the most extreme climatic conditions and during transportation.

Alistair McPhee, Chief Executive Officer of Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group commented: “Our CT Scanner system is designed to meet clinicians’ needs for the highest quality diagnostic imagery even in the most austere and harshest environments. That in itself is a challenge, but to do so in a way that can be set up and operational in less than four hours of arrival on site is a major achievement.

“The unit will give military surgeons vital CT imagery on deployed operations to quickly and accurately diagnose trauma for severely injured patients. Potentially, more lives will be saved.”

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