19 Dec 2017

ISS SKYNET 6 Service Delivery Wrap – Industry Day


The Ministry of Defence (MOD), Information Systems and Services (ISS), SKYNET 6 Service Delivery Wrap (SK6 SDW) team are to hold a briefing session to provide industry with an update on the SDW Assessment Phase.

Currently, the services are provided through the SKYNET 5 Private Finance Initiative (PFI) until 31 August 2022. The follow-on SDW Service Delivery contract will provision for the sustainment and continuity of user experience of these services – and additionally incorporate the SK6A single spacecraft – until SK6 Enduring Capability (SK6EC) delivers.

The Industry Day will take place at the Westminster Conference Centre in London on 23 February 2018, 10:00 to 13:00.

Any organisation wishing to participate in this Industry Day should respond to the ISS SKYNET 6 SDW team via the following email address: ISSDev-Net-FBLOS-SDW-GrpMailbox@mod.gov.uk by 16:00 on 9 February 2018. Please note we require responses through your company email address only; responses via personal email addresses will not be accepted. Responses should include the names and positions of the proposed attendees. Organisations attending will be limited to a maximum of 2 representatives; however, if the event is oversubscribed the available places will be limited to 1 per organisation. The Authority will release an agenda and timings w/c 12 February 2018. The classification of this event will not exceed OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE. There will be an opportunity for questions. All questions and responses will be recorded and made available to attendees.

There is no commitment on the part of the Authority to enter into any binding contractual arrangement(s) following engagement with suppliers through this Industry Day. Suppliers should note that participation in the Industry Day is entirely voluntary and the Authority will not bear any associated costs.


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