22 Sep 2017

ISS SKYNET 6 Enduring Capability – Market Update

10 November 2017 – London

The Ministry of Defence, Information Systems and Services (ISS), SKYNET 6 Enduring Capability (6EC) team is considering options for the long-term provision of Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) communications, capabilities and services until 2040 and beyond.

Currently, the services are provided through the SKYNET 5 Private Finance Initiative (PFI) until 31 August 2022. The SKYNET 6A transitional satellite and a new Service Delivery construct will provide continuity of services until SKYNET 6EC delivers.

MOD is particularly interested to understand industry’s perspective on the potential SKYNET 6EC options, together with the breadth of interest in this requirement. To this end therefore the ISS SKYNET 6EC team intends to undertake a series of pre-procurement market engagements prior to initiating any formal competitive procurement process.

The consultations will commence with a Market Update for potential suppliers. This will take place at the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel in London on 10 November 2017. As well as anticipating representation from the satellite and wider BLOS sectors, ISS is also keen to understand the potential interest of suppliers from other industry sectors, and the basis of that interest.

There is no commitment on the part of the Authority to enter into any binding contractual arrangement(s) following engagement with suppliers through this Market Update day or follow-on one-to-ones. Equally, non-participation in this Market Update will not be taken into account in any future SKYNET 6EC procurement activities.

Any organisation wishing to participate in this Market Update should respond to the ISS SKYNET 6EC team via the following contact emails: george.frith101@mod.gov.uk and david.scorer100@mod.gov.uk by 6 October 2017. Please note we require responses through your company email address only: responses via personal email addresses will not be accepted. Responses should include the names and positions of the proposed attendees. Organisations attending will be limited to a maximum of two representatives; however, if the event is oversubscribed the available places will be limited to one per organisation.

Please allow up to five days for any Authority response, which will include the agenda and timings. The classification of this event will not exceed OFFICIAL. There will be an opportunity for questions. All questions and responses will be recorded and made available to attendees.

Following the Market Update, from 13 November to 8 December, the ISS SKYNET 6EC team will be available to take feedback from companies on a one-to-one basis (to be held at MOD Corsham). To schedule an individual feedback session, please use the contact emails above.

Suppliers should note that participation in the Market Update day and follow-on one-to-ones is entirely voluntary and the Authority will not bear any associated costs.

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