09 Sep 2019

International allies train in Space Flag exercise in Colorado

International partners took part in a Space Flag training exercise in Colorado as part of the US Air Force’s ‘Fight Tonight’ initiative.

The exercise featured participants from the UK, Australia, Canada, and the US training in Colorado for Space Flag, part of the ‘Fight Tonight’ project. Around 160 personnel trained with current capabilities to deter possible threats within the space sector.

Space Flag 19-3 featured space leaders from each nation meeting with personnel to understand where the exercise fit into international operations. Nations were chosen to take part based on their deals with the 460th Space Wing, the 21st Space Wing, and the Combined Space Operations Center.

Brig. Gen. Kevin Whale, Director General and Space Component Commander in Canada, said: “Canada has a long history of collaboration with the U.S. in space under (North American Aerospace Defense Command) and, more recently, the expanding and multinational Combined Space Operations initiative. Our integrated participation in Space Flag this year is a welcome evolution of our collaboration that directly contributes to our shared interests in space.”

National Air Defence and Space Operations Director RAF Group Captain Steve Blockley said: “Space Flag is a fantastic opportunity for the U.K. to participate and expand its role in future exercises. Just as we do for operators in the air, land and sea domains, this is a chance for our space operators to work alongside allies and create partnerships that will last throughout their entire careers.”

Space Flag plans to expand its collaboration with partners as part of AFSPC’s plans to increase collaboration in education and training. This includes Schriever Space Scholars, Space 3000, Schriever Wargame, and the AFSPC Weapons and Tactics Conference.

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