29 Oct 2018

Intent to Brand Name Sole Source DDC System

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States

Intent to Brand Name Sole Source DDC System

Department of the Army

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PO Box B
Camp Denali Fort Richardson AK 99505-2610

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Virginia M. Trezise-Harman, Contract Specialist/CABS, Phone 907-428-6188, Fax 907-428-6191, Email virginia.m.trezise-harman.civ@mail.mil


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Contract Description:

Under the authority of FAR 6.302-1, the Alaska Army National Guard (AKARNG) intends to require, on a sole source basis, a brand name requirement for the manufacturer Siemens Direct Digital Control (DDC) Disego Panel. This system enables the project facility control system to interface with the existing Energy Management and Control System (ECMS) on the base via fiber connection to the new Alaska United States Property and Fiscal Office (USP&FO) building to be constructed on Camp Denali, Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson (JBER), Alaska. The procurement number is W91ZRU19B0001. The USP&FO building will be part of the Alaska National Guard campus on JBER and must be interconnected to and completely compatible with the existing direct digital control system (DDC) on the installation. This is an integrated base wide mechanical control system required by the installation to control services, monitor performance and energy use. A single control vendor for the AKARNG allows for seamless integration between all facilities, simplified and reduced training cost for end users, reduced maintenance costs, and in the event of a system failure, reduced downtime for the unit. AKARNG’s current system is a networked system that allows view and control capabilities to each of the 40 buildings from CFMO. This combined system needs to provide unhindered transfer of and remote monitoring and control of key building infrastructure systems, such as fire suppression, HVAC control and tank monitoring equipment, information, alarming, trending and performance monitoring from all existing and new workstations and view nodes (more than 700 across AKARNG campus). Every critical environmental and equipment-generated alarm at the AKARNG occupied buildings is annunciated to the Construction and Facilities Management Office (CFMO) alarm monitoring centers. Critical alarms from the USP&FO must be capable of being acknowledged and controlled immediately upon detection through the existing infrastructure/system to enable the protection of both personnel and equipment. A critical DDC alarm in one building must be simultaneously monitored, annunciated, and controlled at all workstations on the entire AKARNG campus. This system must operate as a wholly integrated system to ensure reliable operation and control with regard to the (critical equipment, (2) safety alerts, (3) security notifications, and (4) data collection of emergency events and transfer to the data historian. In the event of an anti-terrorism threat occurs on site which requires immediate annunciation and shutdown of outside air intakes, etc. – the integrated DDC must be able to fully coordinate, monitor, control, and alarm any inconsistencies during this event from a common command/view point and initiation request.

The existing Siemens Direct Digital Control system has been in place for more than 20 years and is the only DDC in use for all of the buildings occupied by the AKARNG at JBER and remote sites. The Siemens Direct Digital Control Disego panel is the most compatible for our existing DDC systems, and what the server is setup to run.

THIS NOTICE OF INTENT IS NOT A REQUEST FOR COMPETITIVE PROPOSALS. It is a market research tool being used to determine the availability of other qualified sources that can meet the requirements identified above and inherent with the referenced Siemens DDC system. The Government is not obligated to, and will not pay for any information received from potential sources as a result of this notice of intent. All responses received within 15 days of the posting of this notice of intent will be considered by the Government. A determination by the Government to require the brand name for the Siemens DDC system for the AK USP&FO procurement based on this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government. Information received will normally be considered solely for the purposes of determining whether to allow alternate system manufacturers.

Submit responses within 15 days of the posting of this notice of intent via email to Virginia Trezise-Harman, virginia.m.trezise-harman.civ@mail.mil. Email subject line shall be titled – W91ZRU19B0001 – DDC. No hand delivered or facsimile responses will be accepted.

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