22 Nov 2017

Infoscitex secures three-year US Army research contract

Infoscitex (IST) has been awarded a three-year research contract to take part in the US Army’s Synergistic Unmanned Intelligent Teaming (SUMIT) evaluations programme.

The SUMIT programme will evaluate the impact of new and recent autonomy, decision aiding, and human-machine interface (HMI) technologies in Army Aviation missions.

This exploratory research programme is managed by the US Army Aviation & Missile Research, Development & Engineering Center (AMRDEC) Aviation Development Directorate and aims to inform the Acquisition and User communities of emerging capabilities that can meet the demands of the Army’s next generation Future Vertical Lift programme.

Under the SUMIT contract, IST human systems engineers and simulation developers will integrate innovative and advanced Manned Unmanned Teaming (MUMT) enabling technologies onto the AMRDEC’s Future Open Rotorcraft Cockpit Environment simulator.

Leveraging the Fusion Advanced Human-Machine Interface framework and the Unmanned Air/Ground/Surface Autonomy Services (UxAS) automated route planning tool, IST will provide its software suite Tasking and Execution of Collaborative Unmanned and Manned Systems with Autonomy (TECUMSA) for use in the SUMIT evaluations.

IST will be assisted by aviation subject matter experts from Nobletech, Inc. and researchers from the University of Dayton Research Institute.

Jim Benbow, DCS Chief Executive Officer, said: “We look forward to leveraging IST’s deep autonomy and human systems expertise to assist the Army in improving its synchronisation of manned-unmanned aircraft systems operating in a tactical environment.”

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