11 Sep 2018

Identify the Security Requirements and Provide a Security Risk Assessment – Short Deadline

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United Kingdom

Contract type: Service contract
Contracting authority: Home Office – Police and Public Protection Technology, GB. Web:
Object of the contract
Location : London
Address where the work will take place Hendon Data Centre
Security specialist to identify security requirements for the Hendon Data Centre Virtual Estate deployment. Once the requirements have been identified the specialist is required to produce a security risk assessment for submission to the Awarding Authority accreditor. The contract will include any subsequent feedback from the H.O. accreditor to action.
CPV: 79620000, 79410000, 79420000, 72000000
Administrative Information
Closing date for applications: 14.9.2018 (23:59)
For further information regarding the above contract notice please visit
Other Information
Deadline for asking questions: Tuesday 11 September 2018 at 11:59pm GMT
Specialist role: Cyber security consultant
Latest start date: Monday 8 October 2018
Expected contract length: 3/4 days
About the work
Early market engagement : There are a large number of suppliers within the security market for accrediting IT systems. There are suppliers who are already on the G-cloud framework, which support the necessary requirements
Who the specialist will work with : The specialist will work with Virtual Estate project manager, technical teams and stakeholders for the police open systems and directly with the Home Office security accreditor
What the specialist will work on: Provide security requirements and produce a security risk assessment suitable for accreditation. This will support the development of a virtual estate within Hendon Data Centre
Work setup
Working arrangements: The specialist will need to communicate (via workshops) will the stakeholders on site for 2 days and off site (optional) to produce security risk assessment
Security clearance: SC cleared (Active)
Additional information:
Additional terms and conditions: Standard contract conditions apply
Skills and experience
Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.
Essential skills and experience: Security accreditation to provide services to Government
Have recent experience of producing high quality security risk assessments to Government organisations
Nice-to-have skills and experience: Delivered services relating to data centre security and VMWare configuration
How suppliers will be evaluated
How many specialists to evaluate: 5
Cultural fit criteria : Take personal responsibility to deliver high quality reports
Able to communicate with stakeholders professionally
Assessment methods: Work history
Evaluation weighting : Technical competence
Cultural fit
Questions asked by suppliers: No questions have been answered yet