12 Jul 2017

Hydration Carriers- IDIQ

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States

Hydration Carriers- IDIQ

Department of the Air Force

Official Address:
50 LeMay Plaza South
Bldg 804 Maxwell AFB AL 36112-6334

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Meghan R. Prude, Phone 3349533538, Email meghan.prude@us.af.mil


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Contract Description:
(See attached SOR)


 •1.1  Holm Center ROTC and OTS require the purchase of personal hydration system carriers and hydration bladder inserts. The hydration carriers for this requirement will be used to enable students to stay hydrated at all times while participating in all physically demanding aspects of the course to include 2x physical fitness assessments,  2x 5K runs, Baseline Expeditionary Problem Solving, Leadership Reaction Course, Ropes, Medical Readiness Indoctrination Course, Project X and daily physical fitness exercises. Additionally hydration systems will enable students to have an easily accessible hydration reservoir while in the flight room, auditorium and during outdoor instruction. The hydration source ensures students can hydrate at any time in their tight schedule and do not interrupt their learning during instruction.  The hydration systems are to be provided to AFROTC located 60 West Maxwell Blvd. Bldg. 835 on Maxwell Air Force Base, AL.  The initial requirement is needed by 1 Jan 2018.

•1.2  All work performed by the contractor shall be performed in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, standards, instructions, and commercial practices.


•2.0  SCOPE 

•2.1  The Contractor shall deliver all hydration systems.  Product must meet all salient characteristics defined in section 3.0.

•2.2  All hydration systems must meet the required specifications.

•2.3  The Contractor is responsible for any missing parts and components not included in order to complete the requirement.




•3.1  The hydration carriers shall meet all the following minimum specifications:

•3.1.1        Large Hydration Carriers, Black in color:

The requested large carriers shall feature an external small and full size compartments.  Additional flat pockets will be used for organizing smaller items.  The carrier shall be made of abrasion resistant on the exterior material, include side pockets for added storage, a sternum strap, and capable of stowing a 3.0L (100oz) hydration insert.

            Dimensions: 20 to 24 in (Length) x 15 to 17 in (Width) x 7 to 8 in (Depth)

            Capacity:  100 oz. (3 liter)

            Weight: 3.0lbs – 3.5lbs Empty and 9.0lbs – 10.0lbs Filled


•3.1.2        Small Hydration Carriers:

The requested small carriers shall feature a small size rear compartment.  The carrier shall be made of waterproof material and include a sternum strap for added stability, and capable of stowing a 3.0L (100oz) hydration insert.

            Dimensions: 17-1/4 to 21 in (Length) x 7 to 10 in (Width) x 2 – 4 in (Depth)

            Capacity:  100 oz. (3 liter)

            Weight: 1.5lbs – 2.0lbs Empty and 7.5lbs – 8.5lbs Filled


•3.1.3        Hydration Bladder Inserts:

The requested inserts should feature a wide leak-proof opening for ease of cleaning, filling, draining, and ice inserts.  Twist cap opening at least 80 mm in size. A bite valve on drinking tube leading to the water reservoir.  A closed cell insulation to control water temperature for 8 hours minimum.  The material shall be made of polyethylene, with a taste-free, antimicrobial constructed liner. 

Dimensions: Approximately 16 to 22 in (Length) x 7 to 16 in (Width) x 1 to 3 in (Depth)




•4.1  Application. This Statement of Requirement (SOR) contains basic instructions for the ordering, delivering, and inspecting of hydration systems.

•4.2  Contractor shall notify the AFROTC/DOT or OTS Point of Contact (POC) of receipt of IDIQ order and estimated delivery date.





•5.1   The following are the Minimum and Maximum annual ordering requirements under this contract:

•5.1.1        Large Hydration Carrier with Pockets/Bladder Combo:

Min: 20           Max: 300


•5.1.2        Small Hydration Carriers without Pockets/Bladder Combo:

Min: 100          Max: 4,000


•5.1.3        Hydration Bladder Inserts:

Min: 100          Max: 6,000




•6.1  Contractor shall deliver all products to Maxwell Air Force Base, AL.  See addresses below:



60 West Maxell Blvd. Bldg. 835

Maxwell Air Force Base, AL 36112


•6.2  Deliver materials to destination in manufacturer’s original sealed containers. 

•6.3  Any Government requested delayed delivery up to 90 days after initial award delivery date, shall be at no additional cost to the Government. 

•6.4  Delivery and installation will be coordinated through the requirements POC.




•7.1  Contractor shall provide dates of completion of any punch list items and replacement parts and/or short ship items from the manufacturer(s).

•7.2  The POC shall ensure all items are met satisfactorily during initial use.  Disputes shall be resolved by the Contracting Officer.




8.1 All Contractor employees will be sponsored by the Air Force ROTC/OTS POC.

            8.2 Contractor shall obtain access to Maxwell Air Force Base, AL for all employees that will enter the post.





9.1 Force Protection Measures.  All contractors located on military installations shall also comply with base Operations Plans/Instructions for FPCON procedures, Random Antiterrorism Measures (RAMS) and local search/identification requirements.  The Government shall provide Force Protection equivalent to what is provided to DoD civilians.  The contractor shall comply with all applicable force protection conditions and base/installation anti-terrorist threat and vulnerability assessments.




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