09 Mar 2017

Honeywell leads LA Air Force Base modernisation

An $11M modernisation project has been announced for the US Air Force base in Los Angeles, California.

The development will focus on efficiency upgrades and renewable energy measures that will create nearly $1M in energy savings over the 23-year contract reducing the base’s annual energy consumption by nearly 5,500,000 kilowatt hours – enough energy to power nearly 240 homes for a year. The energy savings will make it a self-funding project avoiding the need for initial capital from the Air Force.

Serving nearly 5,000 personnel, the base is located in El Segundo, California and is home to the Headquarters of the Space and Missile Systems Center. The project includes facility upgrades at 31 base buildings at both Los Angeles AFB and Fort MacArthur, comprising housing and administrative facilities.

Honeywell will install some 3,400 rooftop solar photovoltaic modules on four buildings, generating 1,275 kilowatts of power, some ten per cent of the base’s energy needs.

Other improvements will see fluorescent and incandescent light fixtures replaced with LED bulbs, occupancy sensors, the installation of high-efficiency air conditioning units and temperature control gauges. While smart irrigation controls will replace existing manual controls at Fort MacArthur helping to improve water conservation.

Ed Wilson, energy manager, Los Angeles Air Force Base said: “As a critical location for the U.S. Air Force, we strive to ensure the services we provide meet the highest standards of excellence, and the same should be said of our building infrastructure.

“This project is a way for us to keep base facilities operating optimally and in the most environmentally and budget-sound way possible.”

“Military installations like Los Angeles Air Force Base play a critical role for those they serve and the broader community, but tackling important infrastructure needs is just one item in a long list of responsibilities,” said John Rajchert, president of Honeywell Building Solutions. “Performance contracts are viable tools for addressing infrastructure issues in often tough budgetary environments so bases can continue to operate at the highest possible level.”

The contract encompasses a first-of-its-kind partnership with the US Army Engineering and Support Centre, Huntsville Alabama. Honeywell and the Air Force expect to complete the project by early 2018.


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