30 Apr 2019

HMS Glasgow taking shape

The HMS Glasgow is beginning to take shape as construction progresses on the Clyde.

The HMS Glasgow, the first of the Navy’s next-generation frigates, is emerging in a BAE systems yard on the Clyde. The frigate is the lead ship in the new City-class, a successor to the Duke-class Type 23 frigates.

When finished the ship will compromise 60 blocks with most expected to be finished by the end of this year ahead of the whole ship being assembled. The size means the ship will be put together in two pieces, the forward part of the frigate followed by the stern.

Vice Admiral Chris Gardner said: “You can now stand inside a Type 26 as the zones come together and get a real sense of HMS Glasgow as she takes shape.”

Work on the £1.2billion ship began during the summer of 2017, and three additional ships have been ordered from BAE systems. Eight of the new Type 26 ships will replace the ‘souped-up’ submarine-hunting variant of the 23s (those equipped with Sonar 2187 – the towed array streamed from the quarterdeck) from the middle of next decade.

The five general purpose 23s, such as HMS Montrose, will be superseded by the Type 31e frigate which is still at the design stage. Once the two parts are joined outside the shed, the main mast and bridge section will be lifted into place and the mostly-complete frigate will be taken downstream for fitting out at BAE’s yard on the north bank of the Clyde at Scotstoun.

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