13 Dec 2018

HMAS Arunta returns to the water following major upgrade

Having spent over a year out of the water as part of the ongoing Anzac Midlife Capability Assurance Program (AMCAP), HMAS Arunta has ‘undocked’ at Henderson Shipyard in Western Australia.

Overseen by the Warship Asset Management Agreement (WAMA), the program has seen significant improvements made to major platform systems such as the communications centre, and the replacement of the ship’s long range air search radar.

According to Arunta Acting Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Aaron Scott, having the ship back in the water is the culmination of thousands of hours hard work from WAMA staff and the ship’s company alike.

“Today marks a significant point in the AMCAP upgrade and is only possible thanks to the huge effort put in by a dedicated group of people,” said Scott. “While there is still some work to go before Arunta sails, we should be extremely proud of what we have achieved so far.”

Arunta is the first of class to undergo the AMCAP upgrade. It’s due to complete the program in February 2019, and is scheduled to commence Harbour Acceptance Trials prior to sailing later on in the year. In total, eight Anzac-class frigates will be enhanced as part of the upgrade.

The AMCAP aims to “remediate obsolescence issues” and upgrade ship systems, positioning the Anzac Class ships for sustainment and maintenance of its warfare systems capabilities. WAMA is an alliance consisting of the Commonwealth, BAE Systems Australia, Saab Systems and Naval Ship Management.

Image courtesy of Philip Schubert & Shutterstock

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