10 Jul 2017

GB-St. Austell: 150 Houses/Flats

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United Kingdom

Title: 150 Houses/Flats
Client name: Redrow Homes
Site address: Land At Coyte Farm, Road From Hembal Road to, Truro Road, St Mewan, St. Austell, Cornwall, PL25 5HH
Value: GBP 10690000
Start date: 04/06/2018
Contract period: 37 months
Region: South West
Sector: Private Housing, Utilities, Private Housing, Infrastructure


Planning stage: Plans Approved, Detail Plans Granted
Contract stage: Contract Awarded, Contract Awarded

Project Information:

Development type: New
Funding type: Private
Storeys: 2
Units: 150
Council name: Cornwall
Application number: PA16/09071, PA16/11994
Application date: 28/09/2016, 23/12/2016
Published: 10/10/2016
Last updated: 07/07/2017
Project ID: 16360966

Latest information: Redrow Homes have confirmed that they will be submitting a planning application for 150 homes built in St Austell.

On the 13th of July 2017 Redrow Homes intend to hold a public exhibition.

Tender information: Contract has now been awarded

Scheme description: Scheme comprises development at the request for an EIA Screening Opinion in relation to the development of up to 150 Residential Units. The associated works include sewer systems, cable laying, landscaping, infrastructure, enabling and access roads.

Planning description: Detailed plans have been granted.

Client: Redrow Homes, Redrow House, Great Park Road, Bradley Stoke, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Tel: 01454625000. Website: www.redrow.co.uk. Email: info@redrow.co.uk Contact: Mr Jody Jeffrey. Job title: Senior Planning Manager

Architect: Pacadar UK, 101 Victoria Street, , United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Tel: 0117 929 9677. Fax: 0117 929 4569. Website: www.bartonwillmore.co.uk. Email: andrew.malcomson@bartonwillmore.co.uk, elizabeth.davies@bartonwillmore.co.uk, faith.wright@bartonwillmore.co.uk, lawrence.turner@bartonwillmore.co.uk Contact: Mr Andrew Malcomson. Job title: Associate Environmental Planner
Contact: Miss Elizabeth Davies. Job title: Environmental Planner
Contact: Mrs Faith Wright. Job title: Senior Planner
Contact: Mr Lawrence Turner. Job title: Associate

Landscape Consultant: Cornwall Environmental Consultants, Five Acres, Allet, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Tel: 01872 245510. Fax: 01872 262071. Website: www.cecenvironment.co.uk. Email: birgit.hontzsch@cecenvironment.co.uk, lucy.wilsonrichards@cecenvironment.co.uk Contact: Ms Birgit Hontzsch. Job title: Senior Landscape Architect
Contact: Ms Lucy Richards. Job title: Senior Landscape Architect

Acoustic Consultant: Hydrock Consultants Limited, 11 – 12 Queen Square, , United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Tel: 0117 945 9225. Fax: 0117 932 0692. Website: www.hydrock.com/. Email: nicholasdobbs@hydrock.com, richampton@hydrock.com Contact: Mr Nicholas Dobbs. Job title: Engineer
Contact: Mr Ric Hampton. Job title: Associate

Drainage Engineers: Hydrock, Over Court Barns, Over Lane, Almondsbury, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Tel: 01454 619 533. Website: www.hydrock.com. Email: davidlloyd@hydrock.com, simonmirams@hydrock.com Contact: Mr David Lloyd. Job title: Director Flood Risk
Contact: Mr Simon Mirams. Job title: Senior Flood Risk Consultant

Main Contractor: Redrow Homes, Redrow House, Great Park Road, Bradley Stoke, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Tel: 01454625000. Website: www.redrow.co.uk. Email: info@redrow.co.uk
Additional information: Start date, value and contract period are guidelines only.

We have been unable to verify the contact details of Mr Andrew Malcomson working for Barton Willmore Partnership since 11/04/2017.

Sector categories: Utilities, Private Housing, Infrastructure

Materials: Walls, Brick~Fittings, Access controls~Walls, Internal partitions~Floors, Timber~Floors, Raised access~Floors, Carpets~Roof, Pitched~Roof, Timber truss~Fittings, Suspended ceilings~Windows, Double glazed~Doors, Timber~Doors, Fire~Site Works, Kerbing~Site Works, Drain Covers~Site Works, White Lining~Site Works, Hardcore~Site Works, Turfing/Grass~Site Works, Planting~Site Works, Black Top Surfacing~Site Works, Power Cables~Site Works, Fencing~Site Works, Road Drainage~Site Works, Sewer Outfall~Fittings, Fire escapes~Fittings, Kitchen~Fittings, Bathroom~Walls, Block