07 Feb 2018

GB-London: Office Building – 06/02/2018

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United Kingdom

Title: Office Building
Client name: Deepdale Investment Holdings Limited
Site address: The Fitzpatrick Building, 188 – 194 York Way, Islington, London, N7 9AS
Value: GBP 20000000
Start date: 06/06/2018
Contract period: 45 months
Region: London
Sector: Offices, Infrastructure, Utilities, Hotel & Leisure, Industrial


Planning stage: Plans Approved, Detail Plans Granted
Contract stage: Tenders, Tender Currently Invited

Project Information:

Development type: New
Funding type: Private
Storeys: 15
Units: 1
Floor Area: 8637
Council name: Islington, Camden
Application number: P2016/1999/FUL, 2016/3098/P, 2016/5686/P
Application date: 01/06/2016, 05/01/2017, 17/10/2016
Published: 08/06/2016
Last updated: 06/02/2018
Project ID: 16202345

Latest information: Tenders have been extended form 05th February 2018 ,return date is yet to be established.

Tender information: Tenders invited.

Scheme description: Scheme comprises demolition of office building and redevelopment to provide ground floor plus part 5/part 15 storey office building, including basement, ancillary ground floor cafe, 6th floor level terrace podium and roof plant room, cycle parking, plant/storage, landscaping and all other necessary works associated with the development with sustainable drainage system. This development has been designed to achieve BREEAM rating is Excellent. The associated works include sewer systems, landscaping, infrastructure, enabling and access roads.

Planning description: Detailed plans have been granted.

Client: Deepdale Investment Holdings Limited, 19 Maltings Place, 169 Tower Bridge Road, , United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Tel: 020 7089 2121. Fax: 020 7089 2120. Website: www.tibbalds.co.uk. Email: jennifer.ross@tibbalds.co.uk Contact: Mrs Jennifer Ross. Job title: Director

Client: Islington Council, 222 Upper Street, , United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Tel: 020 7527 2000. Website: www.islington.gov.uk. Email: simon.greenwood@islington.gov.uk Contact: Mr Simon Greenwood. Job title: Planning Case Officer

Client: Newmark Property Investment Ltd, 14 – 16 Great Pulteney Street, , United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Tel: 020 7432 7222. Fax: 020 7432 7227. Website: www.newmarkpi.com. Email: will@newmarkpi.com
Planning Consultant: Leathermarket CBS, 19 Maltings Place, 169 Tower Bridge Road, , United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Tel: 020 7089 2121. Fax: 020 7089 2120. Website: www.tibbalds.co.uk. Email: jennifer.ross@tibbalds.co.uk, senan.seaton-kelly@tibbalds.co.uk Contact: Mrs Jennifer Ross. Job title: Director
Contact: Mr Senan Seaton Kelly. Job title: Planner

Architect: Squire & Partners, The Department Store, 248 Ferndale Road, , United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Tel: 02072 785555. Fax: 020 7239 0495. Website: www.squireandpartners.com. Email: info@squireandpartners.com Contact: Mr Christopher Bungard. Job title: Associate Director

Drainage Engineers: Unda Consulting Ltd, Old Brighton Road, Southpoint, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Tel: 01444 819200. Website: www.unda.co.uk. Email: enquiries@unda.co.uk, jackie.stone@unda.co.uk, scott.ferguson@unda.co.uk Contact: Mr Edward Bouet. Job title: Senior Consultant
Contact: Ms Jackie Stone. Job title: Flood Risk Consultant
Contact: Mr Scott Ferguson. Job title: Surface Water Specialist

Structural Consultant: Davies Maguire & Whitby, Flaxman Terrace, , United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Tel: 020 7388 9406. Website: www.dmag.com. Email: info@dmagw.com Contact: Mr Tom Scholes. Job title: Design Engineer

Mech & Elec Consultant: Atelier Ten, 19 Perserverance Works, 38 Kingsland Road, , United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Tel: 020 7749 5950. Fax: 020 7729 5388. Website: www.atelierten.com. Email: a10@atelierten.com
Quantity Surveyor: Currie & Brown, 60 Grays Inn Rd, , United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Tel: 08452 878800. Fax: 020 7726 2398. Website: www.curriebrown.com. Email: enquiries@curriebrown.com
Demolition Contractor: Southern Demolition, 90 High Road, Byfleet, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Tel: 01932 351738. Fax: 01932 352153. Website: www.southerndemolition.co.uk. Email: tome@southerndemolition.co.uk Contact: Mr Tom Egerton. Job title: Contracts Director

Additional information: Start date & contract period are guidelines only.

We have been unable to verify the contact details of Mr Edward Bouet, Ms Jackie Stone Mr Scott Fergusonand working for Unda Consulting Ltd, Mr Christopher Bungard working for Squire & Partners since Date 16/11/2017,17/11/2017 respectively.

Sector categories: Infrastructure, Utilities, Hotel & Leisure, Offices, Industrial

Materials: Heating, District Energy~Walls, Internal partitions~Floors, Raised access~Fittings, Suspended ceilings~Doors, Timber~Doors, Fire~Lift, Passenger~Heating, Air conditioned~Site Works, Drain Covers~Site Works, Hardcore~Site Works, Planting~Site Works, Power Cables~Site Works, Sewer Outfall~Fittings, Bathroom~Fittings, Eco-friendly building