11 Dec 2018

GB-Bristol: Project OMNISCIENT

Type of document: Contract award
Country: United Kingdom

MOD Competitive Contract Award
GB-Bristol: Project OMNISCIENT

Associated Parent Notice
ModVoluntaryTransparencyNotice – GB-Bristol: Project OMNISCIENT

Region Codes: UKK1

Section I: Contract Title
Contract Title: GB-Bristol: Project OMNISCIENT

Section II: Identification Numbers
Contract Number: CCDT/523

Section III: Relevant Dates
Proposed Issue Date of Contract: 12/11/2018

Section IV: Issuing Branch / Organisation Details
Notice Address:
Ministry of Defence, Agencies/Misc, Other
DS&EQT, Spruce 2b, #1261, MOD Abbey Wood, Bristol, BS34 8JH, United Kingdom
Tel. 030 679 35613, Email: kate.ashby100@mod.gov.uk

Section V: Product / Service Descriptor Code
Industry Codes:
73410000 – Military Research & Technology.

Section VI: Summary of Requirements / Description of Work
Summary of Requirements / Description of Work: Military Research & Technology. Equipment & Support (DE&S) Technology Office intends to place a 1 year contract for Project OMNISCIENT with Cubica (Cubica Technology Ltd) for the continuation of research and development begun under the Defence and Security Accelerator (DaSA) “Revolutionise the human-information relationship for Defence” competition.

The requirement is for a TRL 6 (Technology Readiness Level 6) demonstration of an integrated, persistent, Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) multi-task UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) surveillance via data fusion and advance sensor management in a low size, weight and power (SWaP) and low training burden context. The demonstration of the capabilities and benefits of a common ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) architecture which will enable stakeholders to produce suitable statements of user need to shape future procurement competitions.

The project will support the development of a concept for a fully integrated ISTAR system which, using the Sensing for Asset Protection with Integrated Electronic Networked Technology (SAPIENT) message protocol and conceptual architecture, can integrate multiple sensors and platforms through a MOD owned open system architecture and use machine learning and automation to speed up the detection process and reduce the cognitive burden on the operators. It will provide a range of critical insights into what can be achieved when the boundaries of open UAS (Unmanned Air System) technologies, including analytics, fusion and automated planning, are pushed within a BVLOS setting.

Cubica have developed a unique piece of software that is able to operate on autonomous UAV’s that work in partnership to scan and detect objects of interest and notify the operator should it detect anything that needs further investigation. Further, Cubica have a unique technical capability in their software algorithm design and application which is capable of fully autonomous target detection and multi-task planning necessary to meet DE&S’ requirement to produce a demonstration and analysis of SAPIENT and autonomous UAVs capabilities.

Section VII: Contracts Awarded To
Award Address:
Cubica Tenchnology Ltd
Unit 4, Woking 8, Forsyth Road, Woking, GU21 5SB, United Kingdom
Tel. 01483 770 396
Attn: Dr Scott Page
Is a contractor classed as a SME? Yes

Section VIII: Award Information
The most economically advantageous tender in terms of: Lowest Price
Value of Contract: £280,000
Would you like to publish subcontracting opportunity?: No
Link to the website where the subcontracting opportunity is to be advertised: