25 Nov 2019

Foreign Secretary attends NATO meeting ahead of 70th anniversary event

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has attended the final NATO meeting of foreign ministers ahead of the UK hosting a 70th anniversary event in December.

Dominic Raab attended the NATO meeting in Brussels to discuss issues such as terrorism, hybrid threats, and deterrence. The meeting was the last before the 70th anniversary meeting due to be hosted by the UK next month.

The meeting examined space as an operational domain alongside land, sea, and air. Foreign ministers also looked at Allies’ progress towards fairer burden-sharing.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said: “The UK is a founding member of NATO and has played a key role in the Alliance for 70 years. Today is a chance to work with our closest allies on shared defence and security challenges, including hybrid threats and international terrorism”

“We look forward to the UK hosting NATO leaders in December, and celebrating NATO’s 70th anniversary and discuss how to further strengthen the Alliance.”

On 3 and 4 December 2019, the UK will welcome Allied leaders to London – the home of NATO’s first headquarters – to mark 70 years of the Alliance. The meeting will provide an opportunity to take stock of NATO’s adaptation to 21st century challenges.

The meeting also gave the foreign secretary the opportunity to meet separately with German and French E3 counterparts to discuss changes in foreign policy. These discussions also gave ministers the chance to cover current shared foreign policy challenges such as the escalating protests in Hong Kong and Iran contravening the JCP0A nuclear deal with its latest military actions.

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