Extra funding announced for homeless veterans

Communities Secretary James Brokenshire has announced an extra £1million to support homeless veterans.

The funding will go to 11 authorities in the greater London area to help homeless veterans and currently serving personnel access advice and support. The announcement comes after ministers confirmed £19.5million would be shared to 54 projects across the country helping homeless people earlier this year.

At-risk and vulnerable veterans will be able to receive help ranging from training on PTSD and mental health issues when in service to advice and supported housing when they leave. Around the country, the Rough Sleeping Strategy has created 500 jobs and provided 1,750 beds.

James Brokenshire said: “Our veterans play a vital role in keeping our country safe and many have dedicated their lives to the services. For those who fall on hard times and end up on the street, it is only right that we give them all the support they need to put a roof over their head.”

“Local authorities across the country already provide much needed support for veterans, but this boost will allow them to go further and ensure that more people have access to valuable services, such as housing advice or mental health support.”

“This additional funding goes hand in hand with the £1.2 billion which has been set aside to tackle all forms of homelessness, including £100 million for rough sleeping, helping ensure everyone has a safe and secure home to call their own, regardless of their background.”

Around the country, funding will help provide advice on addiction and mental health as well as financial support, including the first month’s rent and deposit paid on new homes in some cases. Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson welcomed the new help for veterans and said that the government should support men and women who have served their country.

The Rough sleepers Strategy hopes to find permanent recovery for homeless people, including helping them find employment as well as secure housing. In veterans, homelessness is often directly linked to PTSD and other mental health issues, and some of the funding will train defence staff to deal with mental health and provide support.

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